SIA Circle K Latvia

We have been successfully cooperating with SIA Joker LTD since 2013. During this time, we have built a mutually beneficial and loyal relationship. We are glad that Joker LTD appreciates the high quality of our fuel and service, while we at Circle K Latvia highly value our client’s trust in the services we provide. SIA Joker LTD is a reliable partner, and we are pleased to be chosen as their regular provider of fuel and other related services.




SIA Tet has been successfully cooperating with SIA Joker LTD since 2010, which has resulted in a development-oriented relationship. We are happy that SIA Joker LTD values the quality of services provided by SIA Tet and trusts us to provide quality data transmission, TV and other services to the company.

We especially want to highlight our cooperation with Rolands Lātss, who is very obliging, development-oriented and positive, promptly reacting to the daily installation and maintenance needs of our services.



SIA Aimasa


We have been successfully cooperating with SIA Joker LTD since 2015. During this time, we have built a mutually beneficial, loyal and positive relationship. We are glad that Joker LTD appreciates the quality of our construction work and service, while we at SIA AIMASA highly value our client’s trust in the services we provide. SIA Joker LTD is a reliable partner, and we are pleased to be chosen as their provider of construction and other related services.



SIA Bureau Veritas Latvia

The compliance of SIA Joker LTD’s quality management system to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard has been verified by an independent and accredited certification institution SIA Bureau Veritas Latvia. SIA Joker LTD’s quality management system has been certified since 2012. The results of annual supervisory audits show that the requirements for quality management systems are met and improvements are made, thus demonstrating the organisation’s ability to provide services that meet customer expectations and the requirements of applicable laws.




A/S Berendsen Tekstila Serviss

AS Berendsen Tekstila Serviss appreciates our cooperation in the provision of replaceable mats, cotton wipes and hygiene products. Mutual trust and understanding are the key to our cooperation, which is led by a competent and professional team. We believe long-term cooperation is possible where all services are qualitative.




A/S Aldaris

Since the first day, the company has been professional and highly responsible towards us as the client, taking particular care to fulfil their obligations within the deadlines. The company’s management pleasantly surprised us with their commitment to finding solutions for unconventional situations. In our cooperation so far, the company has shown itself to be a safe and reliable partner.




A/S Cēsu alus

This is our second year working with SIA Joker LTD. We are satisfied with our cooperation, which can be described as quick, dynamic and growing. Any questions we may have regarding our cooperation are resolved promptly and accurately.

I particularly want to highlight our daily cooperation with Linda Treija, the Customer Service Manager at SIA Joker LTD, who is easily accessible for handling daily matters either over the phone, by e-mail, or in person, and who takes a proactive approach to continuously improving our cooperation with various promotional activities, motivating her own employees to contribute to our sales.





SIA Enefit

“Instead of making hasty decisions, SIA Joker LTD approaches matters in a responsible and well-planned manner, and also takes interest in innovative products and searches for the best, cost-efficient solutions. We are pleased with our long-term cooperation and believe that a loyal and reliable client is valuable!”




Latvian Handball Federation

We hereby confirm that over the last four years we have built a productive cooperation between SIA Joker LTD and the Latvian Handball men’s Super League Championship. Within this cooperation, we positively value our athletic and marketing development dynamics, which have always been based on mutual understanding of efficient and modern development of the product, as well as quality publicity in the public domain.




SIA Laipa

SIA Joker LTD has been a reliable and responsible cooperation partner of the Latvian Performers’ and Producers’ Association for more than a decade, not only practicing fair business by obtaining the necessary permits for playing music in public in a timely manner, but also by making the effort to create a specialised and curated music catalogue that matches the specific nature and atmosphere of the entertainment venue. We are looking forward to our cooperation in the future!




SIA Sanitex

The cooperation between SIA SANITEX and SIA Joker LTD focuses on the business development of both companies. SIA Joker LTD always fulfils its obligations in a timely manner, which ensures safe and steady business development in the long run.




SIA Latnet

For many years, SIA Joker LTD has been one of our biggest clients, proving itself to be an exceptionally reliable, honest and stable partner oriented towards positive cooperation and open communication. During our cooperation, we have made sure that the Joker team is capable of making the best compromise-based decisions, crucial when implementing joint projects.

We highly value these years together, which have allowed us to get to know each other better and thus create an excellent and successful cooperation model.




SIA Triniti Latvia

TRINITI law firm has been cooperating with SIA Joker LTD for several years, providing legal services in various matters related to the company’s activity. Each time, TRINITI was reassured by the high level of professionalism of the SIA Joker LTD’s representatives, both in our mutual communication and commitment to their obligations, as well as in the provision of services to their customers and cooperation partners. I want to make special mention of Lelde Libeka, the Assistant Director of Legal Affairs at SIA Joker LTD, thanks to whom even the most complex legal problems were solved easily and enthusiastically.





Among the factors facilitating the growth of SIA Joker LTD is their meticulous accounting system, with special attention to finding the best and most suitable modern solutions. If SIA Joker LTD used to rely on simple cash registers, then now it is installing cash register systems that allow a more flexible organisation of the sales process, use of progressive sales forms, as well as robust processing of the collected information. In the maintenance of these systems, SIA FreshPOS appreciates SIA Joker LTD’s creative attitude towards new technologies. We hope that our future cooperation will allow us to further improve their cash register systems.