Registration in Synottip.lv:


Do I need to be registered in order to play?

Yes! Registration is simple and fully for free. Please click here to open an account.


Can I own several SynotTip user accounts?

No, each household may have only one Account.


Is it possible to change my login?

No it’s not possible. You have to use “the one” selected during registration.


Is it possible to change my password?

You can change your password in “My account/Change password” section.


What are account restrictions?

You can set several types of your account restrictions during the registration process. You can choose one of two options:  Bet amount limit OR Bet count limit. Please notice that can change those limits anytime later in “My Account/Account restrictions” section.


How are my data protected?

We use the newest and most modern technologies to protect the data in our system based on strictest criteria of Latvian law. SynotTip is fully licensed and regulated operator. Our system is regularly checked for safety according to the latest OWASP security trends. All communication is secured by an SSL certificate from a trusted publisher with high-grade encryption. Technological resources are under the auspices of the international data center that uses the latest technology to ensure high availability and avoid data loss.



Payments in Synottip.lv:


How can I make a deposit to my SynotTip account?

Deposit by using one of the three payment methods: internet banking, credit card or bank transfer. Depending on the method used and banks involved, the process can take up to 3 days. Minimum amount of deposit is €10. The account can be increased by using registered means of payment on your own name only. The maximum single amount of deposit is €1.500 (one thousand five hundred euros), but the maximum 24 hour deposit amount is €8.000 (eight thousand euros).


  1. Internet banking: By using Swedbank Bank Link services your synottip.lv account will be increased immediately.
  2. Credit card: You can deposit by using Visa and MasterCard credit cards. The transactions are supported in collaboration with the leading independent transaction processor in Europe- FirstData.
  3. Bank transfer: If you use Swedbank bank transfer services, the transaction time will be shorter.


Where is my money displayed after I deposit?

The funds are automatically transferred to your balance. You can see them in upper toolbar on the right side after you register to SynotTip website.


How does withdrawal works?

Withdrawal will be made on the registered bank account only. The transaction can take up to 3 days to be processed. The minimum amount of withdrawal is €10.


betting in Synottip.lv:


How to place a bet? 


  1. Register here.
  2. You have to log in by using your username and password, which was chosen by you when registering.
  3. Deposit money to your account using credit card or bank transfer.
  4. Choose „time filter“ or  the sport you want to bet on from the menu on the left  and then you will see the games and odds offered by SynotTip
  5. Choose the odds you want to bet on and they will be added to your Bet Slip on the right of the page.
  6. Enter your stake in Bet Slip, and check your bet properly.
  7. Confirm your bet by clicking on “BET”.
  8. After placing bet you can check your bet at “My account/Bet History”


What is the minimum bet on a Bet Slip?

The minimum bet is 1 €.


How many  betting objects can I have on one Bet Slip?

We offer the highest number of betting events in Latvia. You can place bet up to 50 objects on one Bet Slip.


What is the maximum possible win on one Bet Slip?

We offer highest Winnings in Latvia. The maximum win per one Bet Slip is €150.000.

It also depends on how many betting objects you have on your Bet Slip:

Objects – Win

1-2   –   €5.000
3-5   –   €20.000
6-9   –   €40.000
10-14 – €75.000
15-18 – €100.000
19-22 – €120.000
23-28 – €125.000
29-35 – €130.000
36-50 – €150.000


What is the single bet?

Single bet is bet placed on one event in the betslip.


What is the pre match bet?

Pre match is single or combined (with many events in bet slip) bet, placed before the start of the event. Win of a bet is calculated as product of odds of its objects multiplied by your stake.


What is the System?

System bet consists of several combined or single bets. System bet is won if at last one of the combinations within is won. For more information please click here.


What is Banker? 

In a system bet you can choose to have one or more so-called „banker” object. These are events where you’re very confident of the result so you want to include them in every combination. Only combinations containing the banker will be placed and the banker must win for you to get any returns.  To mark the event as banker you have to use the “STAR” symbol.


What is the MaxSystem?

MaxSystem is unique type of system offered only at SynotTip in Latvian market. In MaxSystem you create combinations from the groups of objects. For more information please click here.


I made a mistake when placing a bet? Can I cancel it? 

No, once a bet is confirmed it is not possible to cancel it anymore. Always check your bets before clicking on “BET” button.


How can I know if my bet has won? 

You can find your bets at “My account/Bet history” section. There you can get detailed info about every Bet Slip you have made.


What is the Live betting?

Click on the tab “Live betting”. The betting process is pretty similar to pre-match betting. Live bet is bet which you place during the match (when match is in progress). Keep in mind that there always is a 10 seconds confirm-delay of livebets to guard the product from transmission delays and sudden impacts during the game.



Casino in Synottip.lv:


Where can I find out about payout for a specific game?

Payouts can be always found in the menu after the game is loaded, most standardly in top right corner.


Where I can check the game rules?

Game rules are available in the lobby of each game by clicking on the „i“ icon next to the PLAY button.


What is the maximum win in casino?

There are no limits for the maximum win. Higher is you bet so higher can be your winning.


What is the minimum bet for a game?

Minimum bets are specific and different for each game. Minimum bets start from €0,01.


What do I do if the game get frozen or disconnect during gameplay?

Please try to login to the game again and if game doesn’t start where you were disconnected please contact Customer Service and we will be happy to assist.


How do I add games to “My favorites”?

Please click on the “STAR” icon next to Play button. Once the STAR gets marked as yellow, it will be displayed in Favorite section.